Post Hurricane Re-Entry

Following an Evacuation

It is in the best interest of the Town and community to ensure safety on the island and get individuals back into their homes as efficiently as possible. Please be patient with us. Unrestricted access will be allowed to the general public once properties are secured and the Town of Wrightsville Beach has had adequate time to recover.

After the storm, stay away from downed power lines and ponding water. Wait until an area is declared safe before entering. Do not drive into flooded areas. Do not "sight-see". Do not drink or prepare food with tap water until you know for certain it is not contaminated. Avoid using candles or other open flames indoors. Use flashlights and battery operated lanterns. When you return home, be prepared for the worst. If things aren't too bad, your spirits will be lifted. Keeping a good outlook on things is very important.

Re-entry for Residents and Property Owners 

Vehicle Tax Decals are required by Section 70.36 of the Town's code of ordinances. These decals also serve as a means of identification for re-entry following a hurricane evacuation. Tax decals are issued by Pivot Parking located at 321 Causeway Drive for $15 prior to April 1st and $30 following this date. The decal must be affixed to the lower left-hand corner of the vehicle's windshield. We encourage residents and property owners to purchase the Vehicle Tax Decals early to avoid long lines when a hurricane threatens Wrightsville Beach. Pivot Parking will continue selling decals during a Hurricane Watch (hurricane conditions possible within 48 hours). Decal sales will cease when a Hurricane Warning is issued (hurricane conditions are expected within 36 hours). For additional details please call Pivot Parking at 256-5453.

Re-entry for Others

To re-enter the Town of Wrightsville Beach following a mandatory hurricane evacuation, different types of identification are required depending on user need or function. The following individuals need special re-entry passes obtained from the Wrightsville Beach Police Department:

Caretaker Passes
The purpose of a caretaker pass is to allow a person designated by the property owner to check on and make repairs to the property in the actual owner’s absence. This is typically used when the property owner lives out of town or out of state and has contracted or designated someone to care for the property.

Caretakers and property managers will be issued one (1) pass for the property or properties for which they are responsible. To obtain a care taker pass, the applicant must have a signed letter from the property owner or a property management contract indicating the following;

  • Full name of the property owner
  • The property address
  • Scope of caretaker responsibility for the property in question
  • Signature of the property owner
  • Valid driver’s license or ID card of the applicant

Marina Passes
The purpose of the marina pass is to allow individuals who have vessels stored or docked in the Town limits access to their vessel after an evacuation event.

Marina passes will be issued to any Marina operating in Wrightsville Beach. One pass will be issued for each vessel slip in the marina. The Marina will have to provide the following documentation to obtain passes;

  • Documentation that shows that the applicant is the owner or operator of a Wrightsville Beach Marina.
  • Valid driver’s license or ID card.

Commercial Passes
The purpose of a commercial pass is to allow business owners or other commercial personnel access to their business or the commercial property for which they are responsible.

All commercial businesses owned or operated with a physical address in the Town of Wrightsville Beach will be issued two (2) commercial re-entry passes. Additional passes may be made available based on the circumstances. Final approval for the issuance of additional passes will reside with the Town Manager. To obtain a commercial pass, the applicant must show the following;

  • Documentation that shows ownership of a commercial business or key management role in a commercial business operating in Wrightsville Beach.
  • Valid driver’s license or ID card.

Emergency Personnel Passes
The purpose of an emergency pass is to allow emergency personnel utilizing their personal vehicles (non-emergency vehicles) access to the Town. This pass can also be used for support agencies such as FEMA, the Red Cross and other emergency support personnel. 

All emergency personnel passes will be issued based on the specific need for the individual to have access to the Town during an evacuation event. All emergency passes will be approved by either the Chief of Police or the Fire Chief (or their designee) prior to distribution. To obtain an emergency personnel pass, the applicant must show the following;

  • Valid identification that demonstrates an affiliation with a recognized emergency services organization.
  • Documentation that demonstrates a specific need to be allowed access during an evacuation event.
  • Valid driver’s license.

Contractor Passes
The purpose of a contractor pass is to allow personnel access to the Town for the purpose of demolition, clean up, repairing and/or rebuilding of damaged property after an evacuation event.

All contractors will be allowed up to three (3) contractor re-entry passes. To obtain a contractor pass, the applicant must show the following;

  • Valid driver’s license or ID card.
  • Contractor’s business card or business letterhead

Issuance of Caretaker, Marina, Commercial, Emergency Personnel, and Contractor Passes

The Wrightsville Beach Police Department shall be responsible for issuing all re-entry passes. Re-entry passes will be available for pick up starting April 1st of each year. The passes can be obtained at the front desk of the Police Department Monday – Friday from 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. (excluding holidays). Distribution of all passes except Emergency Personnel Passes will cease when Hurricane Response Condition 2 is set by the Emergency Management Director. 

If post-storm damage prevents immediate public re-entry to the town, re-entry passes will be issued at the Mainland Public Service Center once this facility is mobilized. All passes are issued on a yearly basis and only valid for the year in which one is obtained.