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Consolidation of Town Offices to include Parking, Town Hall, Planning, Parks and Recreation, and the Park Ranger. 

​If the Public Safety Building gets rezoned to an AE next year, there will space underneath to move everyone.  This would save the town money by not having the major expense of building a whole new Town Hall.  The cost to engineer and build under the public safety building would come at a much cheaper expense and would bring all municipal departments together.  The space that the current town offices occupy could potentially generate more parking revenue.  - Anonymous


​The parking lots at Town Hall and the Park could generate more revenue if the town provided a shuttle service to the more popular beach locations.  (Park, South End, Downtown, Johnnny Mercers Pier, L-Shaped lot, North End.)  People could purchase a Parking ticket and/or a Ride ticket from the pay station.  With the suggestion above, the shuttle service would be a must to make people want to park there as well.   - Anonymous