Fitness Programs and Schedule

Locals and visitors are welcome. No membership is required and all equipment is provided. Instructors are experienced, certified professionals providing participants with quality program instruction and challenging fitness workouts. See detailed descriptions and fee information below.

To register for fitness class(es), please download and submit the registration/release form:

Kids Run the Nation Running Program for Kids (ages 4 - 14):
No matter what your running level, we'll help you run farther and faster - and you'll have fun doing it! This program meets on Thursdays at the Wrightsville Beach Park Basketball Courts. Please call the park office for more information.

Schedule of Fitness Classes

**Cardio Crunch (Low Impact Aerobics) 8:00 a.m.   8:00 a.m.    
**Tone, Strengthen & Stretch   8:30 a.m.   8:30 a.m.  
**Zumba® Gold         8:45 a.m.
*ABSolutely ABS+  9:00 a.m.   9:00 a.m.    
*Barre Fit       9:30 a.m.  
*Cardio Barre   9:30 a.m.      
*Vinyasa Yoga 10:30 a.m.   10:30 a.m.   9:45 a.m.
*Gentle (Hatha) Yoga   10:45 a.m.      
*Gentle Yoga & Meditation        10:45 a.m.  

*ABSolutely ABS+

Come ready to work and tone up that 6-pack with this power-packed core class! Focus is on strengthening the abdominals and the lower back through a variety of exercises. But wait, there's more! A 15-minute surprise - may be arms, may be glutes, may be thighs, but whatever the focus, it will be intense. Be prepared to sweat!

*Barre Fit

 Barre Fit is one of the most effective ways to change the shape of your body.  Using isometric movements that combine Pilates, strength training, and yoga, coupled with ballet barre flexibility routine, Barre Fit targets all major muscle groups for an invigorating total body workout.  Barre Fit classes use deliberate strength and stretching techniques to reshape bodies and challenge even the strongest of athletes. The overall promise is to create long and lean muscles without bulk. This hour long class is a rigorous, fast-paced sculpting class integrating the use of the ballet barre, light weights, bands, and balls with some yoga flow sequencing and stretching.

*Cardio Barre

Cardio Barre is a high intensity, full body resistance training workout that incorporates cardio elements to increase the heart rate maximizing the calorie burn as you tone and strengthen.  Develop a strong core, perfect posture, and long, lean muscles using a variety of equipment in this energy-packed class. It’s Barre Fit with cardio intervals. 

*Gentle (Hatha) Yoga

If you need to stretch, strengthen, relax, and smile, you should try Gentle Yoga.  This alignment-based yoga will help to  increase essential mobility, balance, and foundational strength.  The class features slow stretches and focus work on proper alignment suitable for all fitness levels with the instructor making adjustments to suit each participant’s ability.

*Gentle Yoga & Meditation

Gentle Yoga & Meditation is a practice of optimal health and well-being for the whole self. Combining the practices of Yin with other lineages of seated yoga and meditation methods a powerful possibility for transformation and holistic healing on all layers of being - body, mind, and heart is created. This practice unwinds tension in the body to bring long-lasting relief and health to the body's critical "invisible half," refreshes the mind to bring clarity and deeper understanding, and creates spaciousness in the heart. With a slow and steady approach, this class uses floor poses held in stillness to target the body's connective tissue, coupled with various meditation techniques to bring around balance and a peaceful quieting of the mind.    

*Vinyasa Yoga

A rigorous, empowering yoga flow for the practitioner who desires a mindful challenge. Various sequences of poses linked together in the “Vinyasa” tradition; flowing from one to the next while focusing on breath. A typical class includes 20 minutes of sun salutation variations, 20 minutes of muscle strengthening through holding standing poses, 20 minutes of seated stretching including back bending, and hip openers.  This class is appropriate for all levels.  

**Cardio Crunch

This class is suitable for all ages and fitness levels.  It incorporates a comprehensive warmup, cardio set, conditioning, and stretching.  You’re the boss of your intensity level.  Bring a water bottle and a towel.  You will sweat!   

**Tone, Strengthen, & Stretch

The name says it all for this class that uses body weight, hand weights, bands, and resistance techniques for a workout that tones and strengthens.  And, don’t forget the stretching!  

**Zumba® Gold

This class is an energizing, low impact cardio dance class that combines your favorite genres of music including disco, pop, rock and roll, and line dancing, as well as Latin favorites Salsa, Tango, Batchata, Merengue and Cha-cha-cha!   

Class Fees:


ABSolutely ABS+, Barre Fit, Cardio Barre, Gentle (Hatha) Yoga, Gentle Yoga & Meditation, and Vinyasa Yoga fitness classes require that you purchase tokens in advance in the Park Office and then “pay” the instructor with a token—one token per class. Token fees are as follows: 
Purchase of 5+ tokens: $6.00 per token WB Resident / $8.00 per token Non-Resident  
Purchase of 1—4 tokens: $10.00 per token WB Resident / $12.00 per token Non-Resident  

**Class Fees:

Cardio Crunch (Low Impact Aerobics), Tone, Strengthen, & Stretch, and Zumba® Gold classes ONLY. These classes (marked with **) require that you “check in” daily on the monthly checklist in the recreation center, then pay for classes at the park office the following month. Class fees are as follows:
$4.00 per class WB Residents  /  $5.00 per class Non-Residents   
Per month maximum $40.00 WB Residents  /  $50.00 Non-Residents