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About Former Wrightsville Beach Committee

In June 2010, the Wrightsville Beach Board of Aldermen appointed 11 citizens of the community to serve on the ad hoc Cleaner, Greener Wrightsville Beach Committee which was formed to develop a litter prevention program. In addition, 2 aldermen and 4 Town staff served on the committee. The committee's mission statement: "Strive to eliminate litter through public awareness, education, enforcement and improvement of trash and recycling programs."

Following many months of meetings, fact gathering, and research, the committee proposed to the Wrightsville Beach Board of Aldermen a plan of action to promote a litter free environment at Wrightsville Beach. 
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On January 6, 2011, in consideration of the Cleaner, Greener Committee's recommendations, the Town's Board of Aldermen appointed 2 new member seats to the existing Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee to continue the efforts and put into action the recommendations of the now dissolved Cleaner, Greener Wrightsville Beach Committee. 


Wrightsville Beach is surrounded by beautiful waterways. Unfortunately, these waters can often be polluted through stormwater runoff. Because of this concern, Wrightsville Beach developed a Stormwater Management Program in an effort to educate residents, visitors, and businesses about stormwater pollution and the impact to our community and environment.

You are the solution to Stormwater Pollution program are efforts administered by the Town to combat storm water pollution and litter. Animal waste on grass and sidewalks ends up in our waterways. With pets creating 3,000 pounds of waste in New Hanover County each day, it's imperative that we clean up after our pets. Not only is pet waste a detriment to our environment, it can also result in a $250 fine for a pet owner should they leave the waste behind or not have the means with them at all times to pick it up. Pet waste disposal bags are provided by the Town in various locations should you forget to bring your own means for disposal. For more information, contact the Town's park ranger.

Visit us in Wrightsville Beach for a walking tour of our stormwater reduction projects and check out the ways we help to keep your local waterways clean by visiting the North Carolina Coastal Federation.

Adopt-A-Beach Access Program

The Adopt-A-Beach Access program encourages individuals and groups to share in the effort to keep our beaches clean and free of pollutants. Participation in this program provides a means to give back to the community while protecting one of our magnificent natural resources. By yourself or with a group, you can make a difference! Please help us monitor waste and areas that may need extra attention by completing and submitting the Beach Clean-Up Summary form to the Parks and Recreation office.
Wrightsville Beach recycling site is operated and maintained by New Hanover County Environmental Management.  It is open 24 hrs. a day, 7 days a week for your convenience.

Location is at the Municipal Complex, 321 Causeway Drive.

Environmental Management
3002 U.S. Highway 421 North
Wilmington, NC 28401
Phone: 910-798-4408 

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Many local organizations are committed to keeping our environment clean and litter free. Beach sweeps and other area clean ups are often organized. You can find a list of activities on the following websites as well as valuable information pertaining to environmental issues and how you can become involved.
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Vessel sewage is regulated in order to protect our waters and aquatic habitats as well as to safeguard human health. Waters around Wrightsville Beach are designated a no Discharge Zone for vessel sewage. Boaters should be aware of the regulations in order to avoid a significant fine. For more information on clean boating, visit the North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources Division of Coastal Management's website.
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