Park Ranger


The Wrightsville Beach Park Ranger serves many roles for the Town of Wrightsville Beach. The Park Ranger enforces many of the Town’s ordinances ranging from animal control, assisting wildlife and marine life, to supporting the police department with beach patrol and keeping a watchful eye on construction sites for planning and inspections.

The Park Ranger helps with a variety of town ordinances pertaining to the quality of life our residents and visitors expect when living in and visiting such a beautiful area.  The Park Ranger serves the public for the betterment of Wrightsville Beach. This division strives to maintain order within the community by:
  • Enforcing animal control
  • Enforcing town codes by writing civil citations
  • Performing beach patrol duties
  • Enforcing county ordinances on the north end of the island in the bird nesting area
  • Monitoring shore zone parking
  • Monitoring illegally parked vehicles and moored boats
  • Monitoring construction sites
  • Monitoring Wrightsville Beach wildlife and the sea turtle nesting program

Monitoring & Patrolling

The Park Ranger’s schedule is varied and depends on the needs of the community and events that unfold on a daily, weekly or seasonal basis. This might include late nights monitoring sea turtle nesting sights or just patrolling within the Town limits of Wrightsville Beach.

Outreach Position

The Park Ranger serves as a community outreach person for anyone who might have an inquiry pertaining to Wrightsville Beach ranging from questions about local laws and ordinances to general questions about what to do and how to achieve a great day in our beautiful community.