Appeal a Citation

The parking program has an administrative appeals process for individuals who believe that their parking citation was issued in error. The appeals process was authorized by the Town of Wrightsville Beach.

You may search your citation number and file an appeal through the citation portal.  Click here to begin the process.

Ineligible Grounds for Appeal

As a matter of policy, the parking program does not accept the following as grounds for appeal:
  • Lack of knowledge of the town's parking regulations
  • Conflicts or tardiness going to or returning from appointments
  • Inability to find a valid parking space
  • Failure to have appropriate or sufficient amount of payment


Any person who has received a parking citation has the right to file an Appeal.  An appeal form must be filed within 3 days of the citation issue date. Failure to submit an Appeal within the 3 day period will result in the relinquishment of your right to file an Appeal. While a citation is in the Appeals Process, the originally stated fine will not continue to escalate. Do not attempt to pay while your citation is under appeal.  No refunds will be issued.  All Appeals will be read and reviewed by the Appeals Committee, and a decision shall be made within 3-5 business days after being submitted.

If an Appeal is accepted:
  • The customer shall receive a phone call at the contact number provided on the Appeal Form informing them that their Appeal has been accepted.  The citation will be voided in the system, and then no further action is necessary.
  • Any fines incurred by this point shall be waived.
If an Appeal is denied:
  • The customer shall receive a letter in the mail at the address provided on the Appeal Form, informing them that their Appeal has been denied and that further action will need to be taken.
  • Following six days after the Denial Letter has been received (based on the date of postmark) and if no action has been taken to pay the citation, the fine will continue to increase as stated on the original citation.
Appeals may be filed in person at 321 Causeway Drive, Wrightsville Beach, NC 28480.