Beach Regulations

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Beach Regulations

Welcome to the Town of Wrightsville Beach. 

The Wrightsville Beach Police Department, on behalf of all our area merchants and citizens, welcome you to our community and the greater New Hanover County area. We take great pride in living and working in a safe, family oriented beach community.

Over the past several years, the Wrightsville Beach Police Department has been working closely with the Town’s governing Board, area merchants and community leaders to enhance our “quality of life” focus and to ensure that our residents, friends and guests continue to have a family oriented experience while visiting our Town.

Since that time we have seen a significant reduction in crime and other issues related to our quality of life focus. This of course has enhanced the overall experience for residents and guests to the Town.

n order to educate the public and to maintain this focus, we have posted signs at all 44 beach accesses, outlining our Town ordinances and regulations.

When visiting Wrightsville Beach, we ask that you take the time to review the above regulations to ensure that you, your family members and/or friends will not inadvertently violate these regulations. The Wrightsville Beach Police Department looks forward to a positive interaction with you, your family and friends.  Thank you again for visiting the Town of Wrightsville Beach and making us your family vacation destination!


Daniel L. House Jr.
Chief of Police