Found Property

Inquiries for Found Property can be made Monday-Friday 9 am-4 pm at (910)256-7945 ext 1727 or via email to

Property can be claimed by appointment or between the hours of 10 am-4 pm on Tuesday and Thursday. Please note that identification is required to claim property.

May 2016
  • 16E-0144 Honda Key & Fob on Seahawks Lanyard

  • 16E-0157 Honda Fob & Leather tab

June 2016
  • 16E-0156 Rodriguez Property
  • 16E-0168 Key with unknown vehicle & house key
  • 16E-0173 Acura Key
  • 16E-0181 2 Blk Lock keys
  • 16E-0190 Large key ring set with blk D ring
  • 16E-0192 Lady's Ring
July 2016
  • 16E-0199 Conser property
  • 16E-0208 Cell Phone
  • 16E-0209 Toyota Key
  • 16E-0210 Glock Mag
  • 16E-0211 Trac Phone and ID for Burney
  • 16E-0212 Prescription Glasses
  • 16E-0218 Rash Guard & Bike Lock
  • 16E-0219 Dodge Key Fob
  • 16E-0243 Lg Phone
  • 16E-0243 Key ring with 3 rings
  • 16E-0244 Chevy key fob
  • 16E-0245 Key ring 2 keys
August 2016
  • 16E-0280 Set of Toyota Keys
  • 16E-0290 D-Ring with Nissan House Key
  • 16E-0305 Set of Keys (6)
  • 16E-0265 Prescription Glasses
  • 16E-0282 Set of Hyundai Car Keys
  • 16E-0285 Iphone
  • 16E-0293 Blue UNCW lanyard with misc. keys
  • 16E-0294 Kindle
  • 16E-0314 Black Samsung 4G Cell Phone
September 2016
  • 16E-0326 Black LG Phone in purple case
  • 16E-0329 Fishing Knife
  • 16E-0334 Black ZTE Cell phone
October 2016
  • 16E-0350 Credit Card and Misc. membership cards (Garrison)
  • 16E-0354 NC Driver's License
  • 16E-0362 Green and Wood Panel Paddle Board
  • 16E-0366 Black Toyota Car Key
  • 16E-0376 NC Driver's License
November 2016
  • 16E-0383 Drivers License, Visa, Bi Fold (Helm)
  • 16E-0393 Child I.D Card
  • 16E-0400 Beach Cruiser Bicycle